Henry Hardy

Henry Hardy lives in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

The composer is principally known as the editor of the work of Isaiah Berlin. Not many people know he is also a musician of sorts. He had a burst of composing activity between the ages of 16 and 24 (the photograph shows him at the age of 17, in Barcelona), but the muse has now deserted him. It was his equivalent of writing teenage poetry, at least to start with. His school didn't encourage him in his weird behaviour, which may help to explain why it fizzled out. Another reason is that he didn't want to write pieces that weren't performed, and some of his pieces still hadn't been until 2004, when they were all included in a concert in Oxford. Here they are (except for a lost organ voluntary, op. 4), all free except for 'An Epitaph' (for which he has to charge a modest sum as the words are in copyright). Please notify him of any performances. All the music is published together (plus Tolstoy's Waltz) in a book called 'Tunes: Collected Musical Juvenilia' (Oxford, 2003: Robert Dudgale) which can be ordered by post at £15.00. There are also two CDs. Orders may be placed using the links below.

Tunes: Collected Musical Juvenilia (Oxford, 2003: Robert Dudgale)

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