David Wright is thought to be a relative of Sir Ivor Atkins. David was a chorister, studied at RCM with Humphrey Searle, Kendall Taylor and Sir Adrian Boult. Dr Wright was an excellent piano recitalist and organist and has composed about 80 works to date including seven string quartets ,three symphonies, six piano sonatas, some intimate chamber works, the cantata Rustic Ireland and an award winning Piano Trio. He is probably better known for his essays about composers and his outspoken views. Many composers seek his advice and ask him to edit their works for first performances.

Three Pieces for Organ (1959) Op.1
Toccata for Piano, op. 14
Piano Sonata no. 2, op. 58
Piano Sonata no. 3, op. 60
Twelve Preludes for Piano, op. 72
Lucinda, op. 79 (solo violin)
Soliloquy, op. 80 (solo clarinet)
VietNam, op. 82 (two solo 'cellos)
Three Songs for Girls Choir op .83
Inamorata op. 20 (piano)

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