Recorder Girl

Anita Honeyman
In 2009, Nymet Music acquired the rights to Anita Honeyman's renowned Recorder books 'Step by Step', 'Country Charms' and the 'Getting Together' series.

Anita Honeyman taught music in primary schools for over 25 years. She began her career in Kent, and then taught in London, Middlesex, Hertfordshire and Devon. Her unique methods are concise yet comprehensive and she found the secret of building confidence on the road to true musicianship.

"I have specifically designed the Descant Recorder Tutor 'Step by Step' and the Treble Tutor 'Country Charms' for the young beginner, and to enable teachers and parents to achieve best results without necessarily having more than a slight knowledge of music.
The 'Getting Together' series is based on well-known folk-songs, melodies and carols arranged as trios for descant, treble and tenor recorders or combinations of other instruments, in which each player has a share of the tune. They are very popular at concerts and music festivals.
Anita Honeyman ARCM

"These attractively presented and thoughtful recorder tutors will undoubtedly provide encouragement and motivation to many young players."
Antony le Fleming, former Devon County Music Advisor.

"Mrs. Honeyman not only makes each step exciting by itself, but ensures that it is linked to the business of later music making."
Vernon Handley, International Conductor.

"Mrs. Honeyman's tutors are a breath of fresh air in musical education."
Christopher Warren-Green, Soloist and Director.

Anita Honeyman's Recorder Books