PIANO EXPLORER - Stephen Baron

PIANO EXPLORER - Stephen Baron
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A new concept in beginners' piano music encouraging the pianist to exploit the full potential of the instrument from the start. With a basic piano technique, the beginner will enjoy the inventiveness of these pieces - with forays into the black keys, whole-tone scale, and the church modes as well as the technical challenges of chords, pedals, crossing hands, counterpoint, harmonics and percussive effects on the piano lid. With teacher guidance, all pieces are very approachable, building on the principles of clear structures, patterned figurations and a strong melodic line.

"It sets a standard to which other, bigger houses should aspire!"
John York - PIANO MAY/JUNE 2004
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Book 1
Adventurous pieces for the piano beginner
The first book in this series includes a Pets' Corner (pieces about a kitten, a hamster, a guinea pig and some puppies), pieces based around the black keys and the whole tone scale, 4 pieces exploiting the sustaining pedal, 5 jazz-inspired numbers, a firework display piece, and a pastiche Clementi sonata. There are 25 pieces in all, including 2 folksong arrangements with words familiar to Colourstrings children.
ISMN M 708040 23 1
NYM023 - £6.50
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Book 2
Modal pieces for the piano beginner
A set of 14 pieces exploring the unique sounds of the church modes, the scales used before our major and minor keys became current. Several of these modes are found in folk music, while others, although obsolete, have an engaging sound world of their own. There are two pieces in each mode. These pieces are particularly approachable as they only use the white notes of the piano.
ISMN M 708040 24 8
NYM024 - £4.99
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Book 3
Duets and trios for the piano beginner
A collection of pieces for 4 and 6 hands. The traditional writing for pupil and teacher is avoided in favour of music written for two or three beginners. The pieces are wide-ranging in style, including a Spanish-flavoured piece, several pieces based on the black keys, a pastiche Classical sonata, and some folksong arrangements (four with words familiar to Colourstrings children).
ISMN M 708040 25 5
NYM025 - £.6.50
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Book 4
Duet piano concerto for the piano beginner
An extended piano duet in Vivaldi style, taking as its starting point a theme derived from the A minor Violin Concerto. Violinists have concertos in plenty for beginners - now pianists have one!
ISMN M 708040 26 2
NYM026 - £4.99
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