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Handwritten music can be difficult to read, even if it is very neat. Horizontal and vertical spacing is important for reading rhythm and pitch. Crotchet rests are also difficult to draw and the 'backward 7' is easily confused with a quaver rest. Mistakes are hard to correct and the result often looks messy.

Computer set music also needs careful attention to avoid clashes, bad spacing, awkward page turns, and even the right number of bars!

Now there is no need to put up with all these difficulties. Your scores can be set using Sibelius software and produced as a booklet, for a really professional look. Parts can be extracted from your scores. Your music can be sent to you as a PDF or EPS file if required. We can also produce books with laminated covers (minimum order 20).

Some Other Uses:

  • Songs can be transposed to suit the singer.
  • Parts can be transposed or written in a different clef for another instrument.
  • A duet can be re-set so that both parts are together, or vice versa.
  • SATB songs can be rewritten in open score so the Tenors don't have to change clefs.
  • Songs can be re-set so that the words are next to the music.
  • I have over 30 years experience as a professional music copyist and engraver, starting before we had computers for music engraving. My first computer was an Acorn and I used Sibelius 7 software, which I still have. I now use a PC and Sibelius 5.

    I have worked for:

  • Composers
  • Arrangers
  • Conductors
  • Instrumentalists
  • Singers
  • Theatres
  • Publishers
  • Teachers
  • Academics
  • Amateur Musicians
  • Choir Masters
  • Elizabeth Bowden GLCM
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